Another Muslim No-Go Zone Built With Tax Payer Dollars

Another Muslim No-Go Zone Built With Tax Payer Dollars by Rory for The Daily Coin

Have we lost the battle? How do we unseat this plague brought to us by the so-called elected “representatives”? Tribalism is not a good look for any region, just look around the world. This is what these globalist are creating here in America – do you not see that? Do you not understand that as these no-go zones crop up around the nation more and more Tlaib and Omar’s will be in political offices with fewer and fewer Constitutional Republican voices.

It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. There is only one Truth and sharia law is incompatible with the Truth. Believe what you will, but just remember your grandchildren and great-grandchildren deserve a place called the Untied States of America. When do we stand up?

I wrote earlier today when describing what the republi-crats want to do to our nation. It’s really simple and at this point the picture should be getting ever clearer.

The democratic party is nothing more than an assortment of tribes of their own creation. Muslim tribe, trans/whatever tribe, LGBTQWERQWRETWETRYERTY tribe, women’s tribe, anything but white people tribe, black tribe, asian tribe, etc, etc, etc. Across all these various tribes they are all promised free everything for everyone. Well, everyone except those evil white people, especially white men. More at this link

I am not a racist or anything else the corporate media tells you I am. What I am is an unhyphenated American citizen. My heritage is Scot, Welsh and German. I am not loyal to any of those nations. I am loyal to God, my country and my family.

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