Mark Levin, Brandon Straka and Qanon – President Trump Tells CPAC to Tune In

Mark Levin, Brandon Straka and Qanon – President Trump Tells CPAC to Tune In by Rory for The Daily Coin

The #WalkAway Movement exposes the liberal media for what they are. The first ten-twelve minutes of this video where Brandon Straka details how the media worked on him, how he broke free from the chains of propaganda and how he is red-pilling as many people as possible are well worth your time.

Brandon goes on to red-pilling thousands upon thousands of people, not only during the Mark Levine show, but over the past two years. Now we have #BLEXIT and other minority organizations standing up, waking up and changing their lives for the better. The re-traditionalist movement is taking root, globally. Once a person awakens to the propaganda, lies and deception it becomes almost impossible to go back to sleep. Welcome to all our new brothers and sisters we love you, support you and know that we are stronger together and will defeat this evil.

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