Tucker Carlson: The Totalitarian Left

Tucker Carlson: The Totalitarian Left by Rory for The Daily Coin

It seems YouTube has changed the algos for Tucker Carlson. The video below, which will probably be deleted by Sunday morning, is the best quality full show video I could find. It’s a good possibility, within the next month or so, Youtube will wipe the platform clean and not allow full shows at all. If someone uploads them to BitChute you will see them right here. We will continue to bring you this important show as long as we have a reliable source.

Tucker starts at 4:29 after a great segment on Martha Maccullum’s show.

Tucker Carlson is making too much noise and last night was no exception. I was surprised that he didn’t mention Michelle Malkin’s speech at CPAC – click here for this must watch event. Tucker, for all of 2019, has truly turned up the volume and is speaking truth directly to power. Last night, towards the end of the show, he, once again, attacked gulag and the other other tech giants for their very obvious relationship with Washington DC. It is awesome. Of course, the opening is spot on and he goes after the liberal left lunatics and their “inclusive” lies. Free speech is dying right in front of our eyes and the American people.

If you don’t believe me wait till video gets the segment regarding Tulsi Gabbard – let me know what happens. I know what happened on my computer and my guess it happened on yours as well. These people are beyond evil.


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