These Out Of The Box Prepping Tips And Ideas Could Mean The Difference / TEOTWAWKI

These Out Of The Box Prepping Tips And Ideas Could Mean The Difference / TEOTWAWKI By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

When we at ANP do prepping pieces, we try to focus on preparing for an event, whether it is a major weather event or prepping for a major catastrophe that will leave people without access to cash, grocery stores, or in a worst case scenario without electricity long-term, but it is in the comment section that readers can find tips and tricks, ideas, survival videos and links that cover a far wider range than just what the article is covering.

Another thing we have noted in our own comment section, as well as other forums, and discussions, is that readers will address topics that aren’t often focused on, such as a lack of storage space discouraging some from stocking up on foods, water or other basic prepping items, or concerns over pain management in a world where one cannot take a trip to the dentist, among other insightful questions and concerns.

So, this article is going to be a little out of the box, rather than focusing on one set area of prepping, we have been noting those concerns, and researching in order to address those concerns.



In one article there was an interesting discussion in the our comment section about tooth pain in a post-SHTF world. It was a good discussion, but it also brings up other medical emergencies that could occur and what people would do without the ability to rush to the doctor or emergency room, because they may not be around.

So, first, the tooth pain: While we are not medical professionals, we have found that high-dose  garlic capsules do fight off a number of different types of infections, which is generally where the majority of pain comes from, but there are also ways to manage the pain and items that can be used to manually “fill” a cavity if a dentist is not an option.

For example Clove oil, which contains Eugenol, has been used in dentistry since the 19th century, and is often a go-to home remedy for toothaches. Clove oil contains ingredients that numb the point of contact, so a drop in a cavity, or rubbing a drop around a tooth or gum with effectively stop the pain temporarily. You can read more about it at Healthline, or Medical News Today or simply search “clove oiltoothaches,” and choose your own source.

Garlic to help fight the infection, clove oil to manage the pain, and last but not least on that front, how to fill up a cavity without a dentist. There are variety of products available that will act as a temporary filler, or to temporarily repair a cap or a crown, such as DenTeck Temparin, or Den Temp. Some brands even offer a kit which includes a small bottle of Eugenol, which is the ingredient in cloves that numb the painful area.

Tooth pain isn’t the only issue because a number of other medical issues could, and probably will, occur if one cannot access medical professionals. A fracture, a cut deep enough to require stitches, dislocations, sprains, etc…..

Many of us use a Kindle or other forms of electronic readers, but without electricity, that battery is only going to last so long, so a physical book with information on how to handle medical issues like that, would probably come in very handy. I looked around and found quite a few.

One of which is “Mountaineering First Aid: A Guide to Accident Response and First Aid Care.”  According to the book descriptionit meets the current standards of first aid care by the American Red Cross and the Wilderness Medical Society, provides updated figures and drawings that illustrate essential first aid skills, and includes quick-reference boxes that summarize recognition and treatment of many first-aid problems.

Another one I found is “The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way,” which offers step-by-step instructions on how to identify and treat over 100 different medical issues.

To round it up with variety because what might appeal to one may not be exactly what another is looking for, there is also “The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for ANY Disaster.”

Make sure you have a well stocked first aid kit as well.



Another issue I noted when reading through the comments on some of our prepper pieces, is some that are discouraged from prepping for long-term because of a lack of storage space. While many can, and do, shove canned goods and water in the bottom of a closet, they don’t have the space for the emergency food storage pails that can contain a 30-day supply of survival food.

For example, the one I just linked to above, comes in a  seven gallon pail. Sure, those with limited storage space can take the pouches out of pail to save space, but there are also some ways to use the pails themselves, filled with food, creatively.

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