Trump Walks On NK, Senate Baby Killers, Economic Update

Trump Walks On NK, Senate Baby Killers, Economic Update by Greg Hunter for USA Watchdog

President Trump said he “walked away” from signing a deal on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. He said he would rather have “no deal than a bad deal.” He did get a commitment from North Korea to not test nukes and not do any further missile testing. No timeline was given for new talks.

The Senate could not get the 60 votes needed to pass legislation to protect the life of a baby born during an abortion. 44 Democrat Senators voted against legislation that would require doctors to give same care to infants who survived abortion that any other baby would get. How are these Senators going to run on killing babies in 2020?

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Catherine Austin Fitts from will be our guest on the Early Sunday Release to talk about massive U.S. debt and Constitution destroying secret budgets.

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