“Highest Taxes and Most Poverty” Green New Deal Takes Root In California

“Highest Taxes and Most Poverty” Green New Deal Takes Root In California by Rory – The Daily Coin

California has the highest taxes in the nation. California has the highest property values in the nation. California has a massive illegal immigrant population and the tax payers – that’ you and me – pay for them to live in what used to be one of the most places on earth. California, at one point, was the 5th largest economy in the world – not the nation, but in the world. One has to ask what the problem is when you have the highest taxes in the nation and vast areas of inner cities overrun with homelessness.

Why is there only haves and have nots? Why? Socialism. If the state grabs all the wealth from productive people that can’t afford a team of accountants to keep their wealth, well, the state takes all your disposable income and gives it to people that didn’t do anything to earn it. The largest number of illegal immigrants in the nation and the largest number of welfare recipients in the nation. It sounds like a pattern to me.

Just remember you must give up your wealth, your border, your nation, your sovereignty so liberal lunatics can fly in private jets, live in gated, walled off communities and tell you what a bad person you are and blame you for all the ills in the world because you want a secured border and representation for your taxes. Oh, let’s not forget it’s to “save the planet” why – because “science”. No one, not one person, ever directs you to any “scientific study” on global warming. No one ever points out a “scientific organization” on global warming. No one ever sights any actual data that says conclusively that global warming is an actual thing – no, they just scream “it’s settled, because science”.

Mean while around the corner from where the Oscars were held on Sunday we have this….Please keep in mind a lot of these liberal lunatics drove past these scenes as they made their way to the podium so they could tell you what an awful person President Trump is and how terrible it is to have an actual country that doesn’t look like Venezuela.

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