Tucker Carlson: Gillibrand’s Hypocrisy Is Breathtaking

Tucker Carlson: Gillibrand’s Hypocrisy Is Breathtaking by Rory for The Daily Coin

The hypocrisy and immorality of the democratic party is stunning to say the least. Kirsten Gillibrand, democratic Presidential candidate is one of the people that will make your stomach do cartwheels. The filth that she aligned herself with in order to climb the ladder leads one to suspect we may need a hashtag for her along the same lines as the one James Woods created for #HeelsUpHarris Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris, allegedly, blew her way into politics, at least according to Willie Brown, former Mayor of San Fransisco. At least that is what Mr. Brown has, allegedly, claimed publicly.

The people surrounding Gillibrand are real winners – you know the ones, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, both of these men have been accused by multiple women of being sexual predators. Makes one wonder if maybe these men pursued other women, maybe women who are currently running for President. This is to say nothing of being aligned with Eric Schniderman who was accused of being a woman beater and allegedly calling his girl friend a “brown slave”. These are some of the people that surround this virtuous, moral Presidential candidate, Kristen Gillibrand. Listen to the number of times she uses the word “moral” or “morality” in the clip. Hypocrisy is not a good look for anyone.

I understand the news media going after Trump for his womanizing ways, why are does Gillibrand get a pass for being associated with some of these accused predators / beaters? Let’s not forget that to Gillibrand everything is about morality – everything is about morality, unless, of course we are discussing some of the people she used to associate. Then, of course, she is protected by corporate media and this issue will only be brought up by Tucker Carlson or Hannity.

Of course Tucker brings on a democrat sympathizer to make an attempt at white-washing just how hypocritical Gillibrand really is, but it doesn’t work as Mr. Carlson doesn’t stand for nonsense on his show.

Later in the show Tucker speaks with Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader and all around good-guy, about the ISIS filth attempting to come to the U.S. after making threats against our country. These women claim they are sorry for their ill-gotten ways and won’t attempt to blow up anything or anyone. Lying to the enemy is acceptable in the eyes of Mohamed. Remember that the next time someone tells you that islam is the “religion of peace”. If it’s the religion of peace why is lying acceptable? Why not tell your enemy the exact truth and then unleash that truth on them? Why do I need to lie to someone about what is about to happen? I don’t.

There’s some good stuff in between, but, for me, these are the highlights of the program.

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