Silver Breaches $16 Then Retreats…Slightly

Silver Breaches $16 Then Retreats…Slightly by Rory for The Daily Coin


Twelve hours later both metals are pretty much flat for the day. Survived an FOMC meeting that was less than favorable for the metals. Tomorrow will be interesting to see what happens. I stand by what I said earlier today – beat down is coming before the weekend, the metals look strong after today and the cabal can’t have them making a stand.


Throughout the morning and into the pit closing we see a steady move to the upside for gold and a really nice upswing for silver. We have already secured some physical at lower levels and hope you have conducted the necessary research to make your own informed decisions. With this being Wednesday it seems like we are being set up for a really great smash to go into the weekend which will set up Sunday night for a truly awesome beat down. Not saying this going to happen, but history does play a role in what’s happening. It’s nice to see some solid movement to the upside and we hope it holds, however, we are painfully aware of the bullion banking cabal lurking just behind the curtain. Click here to see live charts


UPDATE: 9:40am EST

With the “market” open for just over an hour everything seems to be holding together. Neither of the metals is moving up or down, just kinda moving in a straight line. Click here to see live charts. We’ll chime in something grabs our attention but it seems the charts are like my morning – steady as she goes.


If the current action in the metals “market” continues we will continue producing these short daily updates.

As we reported yesterday gold and silver both began moving right about the time the pit opened and the actual market was in session. As soon as the pit closed both metals calmed down but managed to hold their gains.

When the overnight market opened, after a shallow dip to the downside, gold and silver both began their ascension once again. Silver breached the $16.00 handle around 8:30pm EST last night.

At exactly 11:32pm EST silver was at $15.99 after retreating from $16.05. How far will drop or will it climb higher overnight. I wanted to capture all this before turning in for the night to measure what happens over night.

As soon as my eyes were open enough to see what was happening I captured the two screen shots below. Not much movement overnight but it appears the trading was active especially after the Hong Kong market closed and the criminal hubs in London and New York fired up the algos.

As you can see in the upper right corner these charts were captured at 6:35am EST. Silver and gold have been fairly steady overnight and we will see what happens as the pit opens open around 8:30am EST and closes at 1:30pm EST. In the chart above it’s the “New York NYMEX” section of listed at the bottom.

Still have about an hour before the pit opens and, so far, everything is holding steady. Will the cartel come in and do what they do so well or will the metals actually enjoy another day in the sun? Time will tell and we will let you know what happens as the day unfolds so stay tuned throughout the day.

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