Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Explains How and When Guaido Was Recruited by the CIA

Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Explains How and When Guaido Was Recruited by the CIA (Vesti) for Russia-Insider


The Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia commented on the situation in South America. He said that Juan Guaido, who earlier proclaimed himself the president, is a puppet of the US and recruited by Washington 10 years ago. The diplomat also said that he thinks that military intervention could follow the US’s aid. The ambassador added that the Venezuelan government expects provocations from the opposition.

Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa, Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia: “If I’m not mistaken, he was 21 in 2007, and he went to Serbia where they trained a group of young guys from Venezuela to start an intervention and unrest. It took place when Hugo Chávez was president. And they started all of those preparations. Two years later, he was invited to study at one of the universities in Washington. Afterward, he joined a right-wing party. Which we consider, in our country, to be a fascist party.”

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