Deep State Goal, MAGA Abandon Trump – Dave Janda

Deep State Goal, MAGA Abandon Trump – Dave Janda by Greg Hunter for USA Watchdog

President Trump’s promised southern border wall is being built with his new emergency executive order that gives him a total of nearly $10 billion for construction costs. Maybe that’s why the globalists in Congress sent President Trump a veto proof bill this week that will make it harder to stop illegal immigration. Dr. Dave Janda from the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” explains what’s going on, “The wall is currently being built. . . . From the wall side, I think he had a win here. However, from the process logistics side, I think he had a loss. There is no other way to look at this. . . . The MAGA army is upset . . . here’s where we lose. If people really do walk away, and they don’t come back and they don’t listen anymore . . . and say I am tuning everything out, are setting themselves up to be some of the first victims of the Deep State. This is a propaganda psyop that the Deep State is trying to run about this bill. Where we also lose is if President Trump supporter’s shut up and don’t say look boss, this was not good. Good job on the wall that is being built and good job on getting the money for the wall, but you messed up on the logistics. . . . You gave human traffickers an opening here, boss (Trump). Whoever told you that you had to sign this bill, never listen to them again.”

Dr. Janda goes on to say, “You know the part he got right is the part that is getting the most criticism. The part that has gotten the most criticism so far is the part where he declared a national emergency. They say he can’t do that. Yeah, he can.”

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