How To Destroy A Nation From Within

How To Destroy A Nation From Within by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

In order for a nation to remain a sovereign nation and not be over run by “saxons” or “mongrels” or any other group of outsiders that nation must produce more and more children in order to replace the people that die. This is a very simple equation. If a nation introduces abortion as birth control and convinces women they don’t really want to stay home and care for a family, well you could run into trouble with this program. If you have enough women that believe this garbage within 3-4 decades you have a serious population problem and you could find an artificial crisis that was manufactured from lies, manipulation and perpetuated by truly soulless people. You will have a nation staring down the barrel of extinction. You will have a nation on the brink of disappearing and morphing into something completely different. This is the road map that will destroy a nation from within and very few will ever know what is happening.

Towards the end of the Tucker Carlson show, published below, Mr. Carlson speaks with a representative from Hungary. Hungary is a NATO ally and member of the European Union. These are important aspects of the overall story. There are rules and regulations members of these alliances are to follow in order to remain members of these alliances. This is not discussed during this segment, but we have discussed it on this website as have a great many others so it is easily obtainable information.

It’s important because the Prime Minister of Hungary has introduced legislation that will allow the nation to grow internally instead of having to depend on immigrants, be they illegal border jumpers or welcomed guest. They will not be necessary to any aspect of the Hungarian economy or society. Does this make Hungary or Prime Minister Orban a bad nation or person? Of course not. Quiet the contrary. It shows that Orban cares very deeply for his heritage, his people and his nation. He wants it to remain Hungarian and not become some mixed up bowl of stew.

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