Pope Francis Condemns ‘Plague’ of Human Trafficking

Pope Francis Condemns ‘Plague’ of Human Trafficking by Thomas D Williams, Ph. D. for Breitbart

TDC Note – Not so much about pedophile priest or sex slave Nuns.


Pope Francis spoke out against human trafficking Sunday, calling it a modern form of human slavery.

“I appeal especially to the governments, so that the causes of this plague are dealt with decisively and the victims are protected,” the pope told the crowds gathered for his weekly Angelus message in Saint Peter’s Square. “But we can and must cooperate by denouncing the cases of exploitation and slavery of men, women and children.”

Last summer, the pope called on nations to combat the “shameful crime” of human trafficking, while noting that it is often tied to illegal immigration.

Many adults and children are trafficked into slavery for forced labor, sex businesses, organ trafficking, begging rackets, and other criminal activities, Francis said, adding that “even migratory routes are often used by traffickers and exploiters to recruit new victims.”

In 2017, an Italian public prosecutor said that investigators needed to follow the money trail, since huge financial allocations intended for the reception of migrants were attracting mafia interests and abetting human traffickers.

A report released by Frontex, the border control agency of the European Union (EU), suggested that a number of NGOs had been complicit with human traffickers in providing a shuttle service from North Africa to Italy.

NGOs engaged in maritime rescue operations “help criminals achieve their objectives at minimum cost, strengthen their business model by increasing the chances of success,” the report stated.

A particularly egregious example is that of Nigeria, whose local mafias have been responsible for trafficking women into Italy and then forcing them into prostitution.

During the year 2016, more than a fifth of the 172,000 migrants arriving in Italy were from Nigeria, many of whom were lured into making the dangerous journey by a vigorous promotion campaign promising benefits and opportunities. The majority of the Nigerian women who made the voyage found themselves working as prostitutes once they arrived in Italy.

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