The Awful Truth: Cognitive Dissonance Will Be Our Destruction

The Awful Truth: Cognitive Dissonance Will Be Our Destruction by Mary Christine via The Burning Platform

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
    because you have rejected knowledge,
    I reject you from being a priest to me.
And since you have forgotten the law of your God,
    I also will forget your children. Hosea 4:6

We tend to believe what we want to believe, at least to some degree. I can’t say that I am any different. I wanted to believe that President Trump was who he said he was on the campaign trail. For a few months early last year, I wanted to believe the Q conspiracy. We all want things to get better without going through hell fighting for it. Some think that Putin really is the savior of the Russian people; and China, well China is not exactly what you might think it is either.

When I first heard that Israel was not the friend in the Middle East that I had been taught by my evangelical pastors, I wanted to believe that they were wrong. They were anti-Semitic. We need to bless Israel or we will be cursed. That is what I was taught by my pastor at the Community Bible Church where I was baptized in 2002. That was what all of the evangelical pastors were teaching.  I wanted to believe they were right.

I came across some things in the past couple weeks or so that have caused me to conclude that we are witnessing the most amazing deception I have ever seen or read about, at least to date.

We need to identify the Enemy because, if we do not know who our Enemy is, we lose. Sitting still and waiting is not an option. Doing that will only increase the chances the Enemy wins, and maybe in the short run, it does anyway. But maybe it is not supposed to win, yet. Maybe we still have a chance to put things off, at least for a few more years.  If we miss that chance, our children and grandchildren can point the finger at us and ask us why, if we knew this was happening, we did nothing.

We have been very well conditioned to keep our mouths shut about one of our enemies. Even so, this enemy still feels the need to push legislation that flies in the face of our 1st amendment right of free speech.

SB1 Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019 was the very first bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate after the government shutdown was temporarily stayed for 3 weeks, not only that, it passed 77-23 with only Senator Rand Paul to slow it down with his dissent. Apparently, nothing else was as important as this bill, which makes it illegal to criticize Israel. If you want to do business with the US government you must sign a loyalty oath in all 50 states. Did anyone hear about this? No? I thought so.

Why, if the State of Israel is doing nothing wrong is this even necessary? We can criticize our own government or any other nation in the world except this one? Just what are they up to that they need to clamp down so tightly on our right of free speech? While I am not big on boycotts I respect the right of others to do so if they wish. But this is about more than boycotts. This is about keeping anyone from saying anything bad about this country. This is not about being anti-Jewish.

The term anti-Semite is an epithet that is tossed about when someone is getting too close to the truth. It does not even apply because other Middle Eastern people are also Semites. It will lose its sting just as the word “racist” has lost its sting for many of us. A couple of my sources are Jewish followers of Yeshua, Jesus. They, along with any other Jewish follower of Jesus would be persecuted in Israel. There is still a remnant of Jews whose eyes the scales will fall off and they will also become followers. Many people involved in this deception are not Jewish.

The state of Israel is not the true Israel of the Bible. If it were it would not violate all of the Mosaic Laws and all twelve tribes would be living there. This is not about who is Jewish and who is not. I am fine with a country that calls itself Israel. I am not interested in seeing it go away. Israel is God’s problem and if it were not supposed to exist, it wouldn’t. If it is supposed to exist it will continue to go on without aid money and without suppressing our right to criticize it.

In the past few weeks a few different alternative media sites have been showcasing not just Israel, but China, Russia and the U.S. and how this tiny little state seems to be intricately involved in all of their nefarious deeds. Some specifically name Israel and some do not. We also need to realize how many of our own patriot minded people are deluded and are aiding and abetting the enemy without even realizing it (or even worse, some do realize it). I am going to link those sources, most of which are YouTube presentations (which I hope won’t disappear) I will highlight what I believe are the most important points but I urge you to at least listen to them if you do not have time to watch. There is far too much information contained in them for me to do more than then that.

This is so much bigger than I am and I think I needed to organize it so not only could I share it with the readers of The Burning Platform, but also have this information available to share with bewildered friends and family who are wondering why the “Swamp” isn’t being drained. Maybe it will convince them to stop looking for a human savior, because virtually all of the people in the political arena, regardless of which side of the fence they are on, are corrupt and on the take.

I will start with Catherine Austin Fitts who in a recent interview, went into detail about FASB56.

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