WHAT Happened Over LA? – “They Circled For Hours”… (Video)

WHAT Happened Over LA? – “They Circled For Hours”… Video – Secure Team10

Chris L – YT Comment
Also, the helicopters over LA were NOT doing “drills”. I am a US Army Veteran, and from first hand knowledge I can tell you right now that the military does NOT waste time and money doing “drills” like this and when they actually do drills they do NOT do them over highly populated areas for this exact reason, so they do not panic people plus they do not advertise what they are doing.

Them calling this a “drill”, is an OBVIOUS LIE. The military has huge city mock ups built in order to do urban exercises in, I myself have used one of them, and they have NO reason to do them in real cities and disrupt peoples lives. Something was going on and they were trying to figure out what, because if theres one thing the military hates, its not being in control.

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