What World Are We Leaving For Our Children? | Chris Martenson (Video)

What World Are We Leaving For Our Children? | Chris Martenson Video Silver Doctors

“More people are thinking just like you are right now. You just don’t know it,” Chris Martenson tells Silver Doctors.

We’re seeing collapse in the “three E’s”: economy, environment, and energy. Martenson says these collapses are processes not events, and that these changes are happening now.

In the economy, we’re seeing the economy collapse from the outside in. First in the periphery countries, then making its way to the core.

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Regarding the environment, he shares how insects is disappearing. “One does not simply remove the bottom of the food pyramid without eventual consequences.”

Martenson asks, “What kind of world are we leaving behind?” Changing the way we live impacts not only us, but generations after. He shares how to not only thrive in tough times, but to transform the world for the better. He shares how to build a community of likeminded individuals to take this journey with you.

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