You Must Prepare Today For A National Disaster, Talk With Others and Make A Group (Video)

You Must Prepare Today For A National Disaster, Talk With Others and Make A Group Video – Full Spectrum Survival

The reality is that thousands of people around our world, in every country and on every continent, experience a crisis event every single day. For some, it is a medical emergency, for others a natural disaster, and still for others civil unrest and war.

We have long lived in the west under a blanket of entitlement. We have lived entitled to food on the shelves, emergency response teams at our beckoning call. That time is coming to an end according to leading researchers. As the global economy worsens, so too will the comforts of the first world. Can you survive a food crisis? Are you ready to grab a go bag and evacuation? Is your family prepared?

Sometimes being ready isn’t just about you. Sometimes it is just as important to introduce friends and family to preparedness and personal responsibility.

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