One Life to Live… So Here We Go!

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One Life to Live… So Here We Go! by Daniel Ameduri – Future Money Trends

Judging by the inbound emails of 2019, I have to have a heart-to-heart with everyone reading this letter.

If your goal is to retire at age 65 or live like an indentured servant for decades, this letter is definitely NOT for you.

I’m serious, there are a ton of Websites that can help you do this, but the Future Money Trends Letter isn’t one of them.

I could have retired at age 34, but instead, I decided to go full-throttle into building this letter, and in about a month, a complete book that will act as an instructional manual to achieve complete financial freedom in 5 to 10 years, ideally the less the better.

You’ll achieve financial independence not so you can retire early, though that choice is yours, but the real reason to aim for financial freedom is because it is real freedom.

It’s the freedom to work on the things you’re passionate about, not worrying about the day-to-day lifestyle expenses.

This letter provides the following:

1. A change in mindset from someone else’s plan (retirement cartel) to your own custom plan, supported by passive income investments.

2. Partnerships with some of the best business builders in the world, because if you really want to make money in the stock market, it’s not going to be where everyone else invests.

3. Real-life applications: I don’t suggest a single thing that I don’t actively do for myself and family.

I’ll provide you with the tools, but you’ll be the one who has to make the choice to change your destiny.

The financial industry was built for itself, not for us, so if your plan is to do what everyone else is doing, I guarantee you’ll get their results. And let’s be honest, the results of the retirement cartel have been horrible.

Lately, a lot of readers have been asking me why I’ve become such a gold bull.

Well, two things: 1. Everyone else hates it, which usually means it’s a good idea. 2. I’ve never seen a better set-up.

  • The federal deficit will total $900 billion this year — $120 billion more than last year.
  • The government will spend around $400 billion on interest on the national debt over the next 12 months.
  • Interest is the fastest-growing budget category!
  • Goldman Sachs and others have shown strong evidence that we have definitely entered the era of peak gold, with no major discoveries in 20 years!

It’s not that I’m a gold bug, it’s just that this is about the most prudent asset you can own right now.

Frankly, I think the gold stocks are going to rip higher in the last half of 2019, which is why we’ve been making strategic positions in companies like First Mining Gold (FFMGF).

Cannabis investments are also a favorite of mine, as this is one of the most profitable trends I’ve ever seen.

But the real magic to this letter is finding you multiple sources of income.

This weekend, I’ll be profiling one of my favorite ways to create mailbox money for myself and my family.

It’s boring, and most of you will hate it and never try it, but it’s what the rich do.

Do you want to mimic the financial plan of the rich or mimic the guy sitting in traffic for 2 hours a day?

Because his ass is maxing out his IRA buying the S&P 500 right now.

It’s your choice: I say it like this to challenge you, not to insult you, because I know there is a much better life waiting for you.

Look for my favorite income idea this Sunday.

Daniel Ameduri

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