Peter Schiff & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. (Podcast)

Peter Schiff & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. Podcast for Radio Gold Seek


  • Peter Schiff, head of SchiffGold, Euro Pacific Capital, and Euro Pacific Gold Fund (EPGFX) offers his latest financial insights.
  • The US Fed halted QT operations 6 months in advance, hinting in recent “Fed Speak” rhetoric that QE operations could soon commence.
  • The Fed could soon combat slowing global economic conditions and the impact of the trade war between the US and China.
  • Analysts suggest this could lead to runaway inflation, as the Fed’s balance sheet was barely reduced before new QE injections.
  • Monetary policymakers are pushing on a string, their QE and rate cut operations are far less effective.
  • This point is revealed by the tiny reduction in their balance sheet during the 10 year economic miracle.
  • The early end of the rate hike cycle is de facto evidence that policymakers are loosing control ahead of an inflationary collapse.
  • The duo concur the opportunity the PMs share is impressive.
  • Peter Schiff expects at least a 50% climb in the price of gold that will launch the leveraged gold shares into orbit.

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