The Great Awakening…

The Great Awakening… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

In 2018 we spent a significant amount of time, prayer and (digital) ink on the subject of the Christian resurgence. After Resurrection Sunday 2018 it became quiet clear that Jesus Christ was making His presence known in hearts and souls around the world. We are now learning that what we were seeing is in fact what is happening, not only around the world, but in the U.S. as well. We are told again and again by corporate media and supported by statistics produced by corporate entities that Christianity in the U.S. is floundering with thousands of churches closing their doors each year. We beg to differ.

The church I personally attend is growing, growing fairly rapidly. I understand this is one small church, in neighborhood on the entire planet, I get it. However, I am not the only person seeing this happen. The Belonging Co located in Nashville, Tn, The Orchard in around Chicago, Il are experiencing very strong growth along with Bethel in Redding, Ca.. These three churches, in three very diverse locations, show this is not regional but rather national in scope.

Last summer three members of Bethel’s worship team spoke with Fox News about their experiences as they toured several cities around the country. This was ahead of the Heaven Come Conference 2018 in Dallas, Tx that drew some 6,000 people. I’m predicting their Heaven Come Conference 2019 in Los Angeles, Ca and Dallas, Tx this year will have a stronger turn out than 2018.

The group had just left Boston, where they said 800 people flooded to the front to give their lives to Jesus at the end of the meeting.

“People were so hungry,” Baldwin said. “It does feel like people are re-upping their commitment to the Lord. It’s been powerful every night…we would stop [in worship] and they would lead.” Source

All of this is to say nothing of what is happening around the world. There are currently three events that have taken place during 2018 that are signs of what’s to come and how the Christian world is changing, growing and beginning to break through in spite of what we are continually told through corporate media sources.

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