Facebook’s Zuckerberg Wants To Be Caesar And Could Be President

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Wants To Be Caesar And Could Be President by: Daniel Jennings – Off the Grid News

Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg wants to be Caesar? It seems that being a fabulously wealthy tech entrepreneur and the greatest media mogul in history is not enough for Facebook’s CEO.

Instead, Zuckerberg ostensibly craves the absolute power held by his idol, the ruthless Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar. Notably, Zuckerberg has consistently praised Augustus’s harsh rule in interviews.

During his honeymoon in Rome, Zuckerberg took pictures of statues and monuments to Augustus. He even went so far as to name his daughter August as well.

Augustus Caesar or Octavian is the absolute dictator who destroyed the Roman Republic and set up an absolute monarchy. Augustus ruthlessly repressed Roman freedom and murdered his enemies.

Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Be Caesar Like His Hero Augustus

In fact, Augustus was so ruthless that his four greatest enemies: Brutus, Cassius, Mark Anthony, and Cleopatra, all committed suicide to avoid being captured by his legions. Furthermore, Augustus had his own cousin, Cleopatra’s son Caesarion, strangled. Caesarion’s father was Octavian’s famous uncle, Julius Caesar. Also, he had another child, Mark Antony’s eldest son, executed.

Moreover, Augustus was the first Roman emperor even though he never used that title. Rather, Augustus called himself “the first citizen.”

In reality, the first citizen was an absolute dictator that destroyed representative government in Rome. For example, Augustus reduced the Senate by 40% and probably had 300 of its members killed.

Modern historians regard Augustus as the role model for modern dictators such as Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. Both Mao and Stalin even claimed to rule in the people’s name as Augustus did.

Zuckerberg Wants To Be Caesar So He Can Enforce “World Peace”

However, Augustus’s history of bloody repression does not stop Zuckerberg from admiring the Emperor. Zuckerberg further reveres Augustus as a “prince of peace.”

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