New Proof From A Democrat Stronghold Reveals “Gun Control” Doesn’t Save Lives

New Proof From A Democrat Stronghold Reveals “Gun Control” Doesn’t Save Lives by: Off The Grid News

You don’t expect Democrats to be talking about how gun control doesn’t save lives, but it just happened. The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy released a studyclaiming that the more guns a nation has, the less criminal activity. Yes, one of the liberal strongholds of America actually bit the bullet (pun intended). Remarkably, they told the truth on this one: gun control doesn’t save lives.

The study, which has not been widely circulated, was conducted and written by Don B. Kates and Dr. Gary Mauser. However, it originally came out in 2007. The report came out in defiance of the common liberal mantra that “more guns equals more deaths.” But where did this mantra come from?

That is actually a pretty piece of Soviet propaganda. It was aimed at hiding the alarming murder rate in the now-defunct Soviet Union. In fact, the rate was three times higher than the United States at the time. And that was at a time when it was illegal for citizens to own firearms. How can that be?

The conclusion of the investigators was that when guns are unavailable, perpetrators use other weapons. This is something that conservatives widely accept but that the liberal left still rejects. Nevertheless, there is plenty of evidence to back this up even within our own country. FBI statistics on murders show that knives kill over four times as many people as rifles (all kinds of rifles). Even so, the media constantly demonizes the AR-15 sporting rifle as a “weapon of mass murder.”

Entrenched Thoughts About Gun Control

This report and the way that it has been treated by those on the political left demonstrates just how entrenched Democrats are in their ideology. They blatantly ignore facts that come out of their own think tanks so that they can maintain the party line. It’s all more proof that Democrats are more interested in gun control for the sake of control than to save lives.

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