Gold, Silver And The Mining Shares Are The Place To Be

Gold, Silver And The Mining Shares Are The Place To Be from King World News

Still in the early days of trading at the start of 2019, we are on the edge of something historic and gold, silver and the mining shares are the place to be.

Gold & Silver Higher For The Last Three Years
February 4 (King World News) –  Here is a portion of a note sent to KWN from Lundeen:  The fears I recommend my readers should ignore are those having to do with gold and silver collapsing from their current levels.  That’s not to say that they can’t go down from the close of this week; they could.  But their lows of December 2015 are rock bottom.  For the past three years the path of least resistance for gold and silver has been upward, and except for brief market corrections will continue to be for years to come…

Here’s a metric James Turk once used, and I’ve kept track of it since: the BGMI / $ Price of gold.  As Mr. Turk noted, in terms of the price of gold, gold mining shares haven’t been this cheap since the early 1930s.  Maybe someone else is also watching this.  This week I noted the BGMI was up 10% since last Friday’s close.

Shares Of Gold Mining Companies Cheapest Since The 1930s

But just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s a bargain.  Still, whenever I think of history’s greatest investment opportunities they were all widely shunned bargains at the beginning; pre WWII real estate in Hawaii and California, or blue-chip stocks in July 1932 and again in April 1942.  Who wanted to buy shares in war ravaged Japanese or German companies?   In the mid-1960s John Templeton did, becoming a billionaire several times over in the following decades.

On The Edge Of Something Historic
Gold, silver and their mining shares just have that feeling to me; that we are on the edge of something historic as decades of inflationary abuses by the central banking cartel to the global monetary system comes undone.  In a crisis of confidence in the global financial system, gold, silver and their miners are when I want to be!

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