Charity Begins At Home [ It’s Not What You Think! ]

Charity Begins At Home [ It’s Not What You Think! ] by Randolph Jason – Gospel News Network

What you are about to read came about after reading an article where Nancy Pelosi delivered a speech and referenced Matthew 25 in the Holy Bible. We completely disagree with Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy regarding the security of our nation, especially where her deeply hypocritical posturing has been on display, for the entire world to see, over the course of the past several months.

For the record – we see Nancy Pelosi as an globalist, hypocrite and bought-and-paid-for politician, which means she represents everyone except the actual citizens of the U.S.. We also would like to point out – statistics show – Christian churches in the U.S. are dying, while we see Christian churches around the world not only flourishing but actually expanding. Could this phenomenon have something to do with the company one keeps? Maybe if some of the evangelical organizations actually began separating themselves from globalist, like Nancy Pelosi, and began aligning with re-traditionalist, like Donald Trump, Christian churches in the U.S. would begin expanding as they are doing in so many other locations around the world. Just saying.

We have spent the past year digging deep into what is happening around the world and the expansion of the Christian church everywhere except the U.S. We have reported on this a number of times and have spilled much ink in covering this story. We were inspired by the Holy Spirit through the works of Dr. Steve Turley who has put forth an enormous amount of research and energy into what is happening right now. What is happening right now began several years ago in approximately 1999. It began with a whimper – the seemingly unimportant election of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, a deeply devout Christian. This changed everything.

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