CBS: Yet another woman choosing to treat her cancer naturally

CBS: Yet another woman choosing to treat her cancer naturally by  – Health Nut News

Gilbert, AZ mom Tarley Reed, was diagnosed in February 2018 with stage two breast cancer. However, instead of going the chemo and radiation route, she decided to cure her body the natural way.

She said, “Immediately they were like, ‘double mastectomy’ and I was like, ‘absolutely not.’”1

In fact, Reed has said no to all traditional treatments and has instead opted for “Shots of wheatgrass, doing colonics, it’s all vegan detox so it’s no oils, no fats, no sugars. And boy, when you put your body in a state like that, boy does it clear out stuff.”2 She’s also taking high doses of vitamin C and has included a lot of organic juicing in her diet.

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