A Tale of Three Vending Machines

A Tale of Three Vending Machines by Beautyon – Medium

TDC Note – It seems as if Beautyon is pointing to something that is easily overlooked. We all walk past these machines, but never connect the fact of what is happening. These machines are helping to train children in habits that maybe we would prefer they never develop.  Oh, and Beutyon points on the absolute hypocrisy of government, hollywood and actual free market enterprise. Excellent call, Beautyon!!


People who think all Bitcoin purchases must be accompanied by KYC/AML and other Security Theatre are 100% wrong. Bitcoin is no different to any purchase of “Pay as You Go” telephone top-up credits, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards or even Lottery tickets, which is…gambling.

The photo at the top of this post was taken today in a California supermarket. Three machines stand side by side near the exit. The one on the far right is a Scratchers® Vending Machine Lottery ticket dispenser. You can insert between $1 and $20 to buy tickets and when I say, “you” I mean anybody can do it. The machine is unsupervised.

From the “Calottery” website.

The Lottery ticket dispenser doesn’t ask for any ID to gamble. A child can go up to this machine and buy a Lottery ticket. Think about that. It is ILLEGAL under US Federal and state law for a private entity to run a lottery; this is the government selling gambling to children via easy to access and ubiquitous vending machines.

The most common minimum age for participating in state Lottery in the USA is 18 years. Arizona and Iowa require that players are 21 years of age before it is legal for them play. In California you must be 18. There is no one supervising this machine to make sure persons under the age of 18 do not access it and buy tickets. Rather odd, isn’t it?

Coinstar, Redbox and a Lottery ticket dispenser, side by side, in California.

The box in the middle is a movie vending machine from the Redbox company. From their literature,

Can children under the age of 17 rent R-rated movies? No, they can’t. Redbox requires that you validate your age when renting any movies that are rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Redbox takes credit cards as a form of payment, and they claim they require that you prove that you are 18 or older to rent an R rated movie, but in practice this is easily circumvented. If you borrow your father’s credit card and take it down to this supermarket, you can rent an “R” rated movie if you are 15 years old, because no one is checking the rentals made at this machine, and your identity is not verified during the purchase. This is another instance of a system that is wide open to abuse.

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