How Changing the Way You Use Twitter Could Help You Save Money Today

How Changing the Way You Use Twitter Could Help You Save Money Today for The Daily Coin

The rise of the internet has transformed our lives, with the emergence of social media undoubtedly being one particular example. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have become a huge part of everyday life, offering people the chance to communicate and connect in ways which may not have seemed possible just a couple of decades ago.

However, while one big benefit of social media is communication, have you ever considered how you could use it as a money-saving tool?

Keeping up-to-date

For a site which was only established in 2006 and popularised communicating with just 140 characters, Twitter has grown to be one of the best-known brands in the world. The immediacy of the format means it has also developed beyond simply being used by individuals, with a range of companies and organisations making use of it to contact customers and fans.

This of course makes it an ideal way to stay informed on great deals and also get quality advice on saving money too. But where do you start with using Twitter to boost your personal finances?

News and advice

One obvious place to begin is to follow news providers, or more specifically financial news outlets. For example, the likes of @USATodayMoney offers updates on a range of businesses and corporations, which means you can keep an eye on the fortunes of organisations and be informed when sales or price reductions could be on the horizon.

Another approach to transforming Twitter into a money saving tool is to follow some experts. The website WiseBread has developed a strong reputation for finance advice and other tips in recent years, so its Twitter account is an essential follow if you want to keep tabs on its latest articles and also monitor the Q and As which it holds with experts.

Follow top brands

But what about if you are seeking specific offers related to your favourite brands? Well, one easy approach to accessing the deals you want is to follow the organisation that you have in mind.

It is very common for companies in range of sectors to use social media to promote their latest offers or competitions, with Amazon for example showcasing its range of products on Twitter. The trend has also spread into the world of iGaming, with online casino sites like Mr Green using the platform to promote their latest promotions and deals. The brand also posts competitions, such as the chance for followers to win tickets to watch its official partner Celtic FC in action. Clothes retailers like GAP also use the tool to showcase their products and promote sales.

Away from specific brands, other accounts to follow include those which compile information on voucher offers. The Twitter accounts operated by Slick Deals and for example are great ways to spot deals that meet your needs.

Save money today

All of the above highlights that while Twitter may be useful for keeping entertained and staying in touch with friends, when used in the right way it could save you money too. Try following a few different accounts today to see what difference they could make to your life.

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