Top 7 easy FOOD SWITCHES you can make every day to dramatically improve your health


Top 7 easy FOOD SWITCHES you can make every day to dramatically improve your health by: – Natural News

Most Americans today are lacking patience and live in an “instant gratification” world, where we all want what we want and we want it now. That includes better health, more technology conveniences, more energy, and a more shapely or chiseled body. Advertising and social media make matters even worse. We see pictures, headlines, and video posts of exactly what we want, and it’s always “on sale now.”

The major problem lies in the fact that most products heavily advertised are done so by corporations that can afford the media blitz, and that means compromised products made cheap with chemicals. The result? You are what you eat, and you become a chemical-laden health wreck that looks and feels like the exact opposite of those ads you thought would “carve you” into the perfect human.

Success is all about smart choices, especially the food you consume daily. Here are some major switches you can make that will transform your health almost instantly, and put you on an ideal path – the one your favorite “YouTuber” lives and breathes. You can start with some detoxifying drinks that will cleanse your system of all those food chemicals, including genetically modified organisms and conventional pesticides. You can even grow your own food inside your home for pennies on the dollar using a tower garden, LED lighting, and organic seeds. This way you avoid all the contaminants of “conventional” food and water, including GMOs, pesticides, environmental pollutants, insects, and deadly glyphosate (carcinogenic herbicide in Roundup).

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