Students Hate Toxic Masculinity… But Can’t Define What It Is (Video)

Students Hate Toxic Masculinity… But Can’t Define What It Is Video – Campus Reform

TDC Note – Every time a video like this is produced it proves, beyond question, the corporate media floats these phrases and words out into society and people begin parroting. Never mind there is zero support or a definition or any kind of substance to the phrase or word, people just start saying ‘Toxic Masculinity’ like it actually means something when in fact it doesn’t.

The truly sad part is these people never, ever realize they have been played like a fiddle and made to be a fool.


This week, Gillette sparked a national conversation about ‘Toxic Masculinity’ following their release of a new online ad. What do students at Georgetown University think of toxic masculinity? Can they define what it is?

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