President Trump Surrounded by Traitors – Daniel Estulin

President Trump Surrounded by Traitors – Daniel Estulin by Greg Hunter – USA Watchdog

TDC Note – Will the satanic globalist bankers continue to control our world or will we the people be able to topple their empire? That is the only question that matters.


International best-selling author, journalist and counter-intelligence expert Daniel Estulin says the world is involved in a “winner-take-all battle” in a dying global financial system. Estulin explains, “What you are seeing right now globally is not a fight between the liberals and conservatives or the Republicans and Democrats or the socialists and capitalists. What we are seeing right now is the collapse of the Bretton Woods economic model. Donald Trump is simply the consequence of this global collapse. . . . What Donald Trump represents is a change of order. . . . Both parties, not only in the United States, Canada, Europe and globally, they represent the same liberal, financier, Wall Street, parasitic order. . . . Today’s liberalism is control of society by the banking elite.”

Estulin goes on to say, “People say Trump is insane. He is not insane. All of these leaders globally, and it doesn’t matter if they are liberals, conservatives, socialists, Democrats or Republicans, it doesn’t matter, all of them globally in the western world represent liberal banking, financier order. Trump is having as much trouble as he is because he is surrounded by traitors. His enemies are Wall Street, Washington’s bureaucracy, the intelligence agencies, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Rockefeller crowd, the Soros crowd and the mainstream media . . . big think tanks, ratings agencies and all of these organizations have been part of this liberal banking order and, not only in the United States, but globally. Trump’s job as an alternative isolationist industrial group is to dismantle this.”

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To learn more about Daniel Estulin, go to If you want to get a copy of Estulin’s latest book “In the Shadows of a Presidency,” click here.

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