The Pope Is Coming To Panama: A Pilgrim Reality Check

The Pope Is Coming To Panama: A Pilgrim Reality Check By Corina Rueda Borrero – Newsroom Panama

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TDC Note – The Pedo-in-Chief comes to town with a bank roll that could fund a small country…oh, wait a minute. But somehow needs to take funds from people without any to go on this global pedo-field trip.

Dear Pilgrim, I imagine that at this moment you are anxiously packing your bags, buying small necessities and saying prayers because your dream of knowing Pope Francis will come true, and no wonder. You have been involved in activities in your parish to be able to afford the buses and planes that you must take to get to Panama. But I am writing this because you may not know that your joy is not shared in the country that will receive you, even if you have been told otherwise or have seen government promotional videos of smiling Panamanians because there are dark realities behind this great celebration of the world’s Catholic youth.

Varela and Lorena Castillo
exchange gifts with Pope .

For many Panamanians, World Youth Day is nothing more than a  multi-million dollars whim of  President  Juan Carlos Varela, who travels abroad as a good Samaritan and whose wife, Lorena Castillo, faithfully attends all papal activities that can be paid with State taxes.

Both speak of love for their neighbors  without missing a “God bless” them at the end of their speeches, but they are the same ones who endorse orders to repress farmers’ protests for the right to food sovereignty and a decent living and  sanction budgets reducing the amounts destined to culture, science, health, education and technology, and assure that there are no funds to investigate reported cases of sexual abuse in areas of difficult access.

Smiling masks
Juan Carlos Varela, dear pilgrim, is the one who will receive you  and publicly say  that Panama is showing its  best face but  will not dare to tell the truth: that what they are really wearing are smiling masks, because on  that great platform of $12.4 million where he and the Pope will stand, you will not see the teachers who have not been paid for months, nor  the patients who missed appointments due to lack of funding nor the retirees who spent more than four hours in a line  to pick up medications that  they did not receive due to lack of budget.

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