Never Forget Those That Actually Promote Fear, Propaganda and Lies: @AOC

Never Forget Those That Actually Promote Fear, Propaganda and Lies: @AOC by Rory – The Daily Coin

We are told all the time the “radical right wingers” are homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, thisphobic / thatphobic and can’t forget racist. We are also constantly called liars, propagandist and fear mongers all of which spews from corporate propaganda machines like CNN and MSNBC. Never mind that time and again these slimy, cesspools of filth are exposed as the ones pushing all the variety of division spelled out above. These machines of producing ever greater volumes of propaganda continually use their lackey handmaidens in Congress to help feed the machine with bigger lies, more hatred and fear with each passing day.

Enter @AOC. She is, from the offset, a liar as exposed by The Gateway Pundit when she changed her name from “Sandy” to “Aleandria” somewhere around her junior year in college.

This socialist darling of the beltway actually convinced 14,000 other lunatics to vote her into office. They wanted Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to tell the world lies like “The world is gonna end in twelve years if we don’t address climate change.” which she spewed all over social media and corporate media on Monday January 21.

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