The Media Gets Triggered By MAGA Hats

The Media Gets Triggered By MAGA Hats By Susan Duclos –All News PipeLine

Coordinated Media Disinfo Campaign Uncovered As The Trump Derangement Syndrome Inflicted MSM Tries To Destroy Catholic Pro-Life High School Students

Following the Buzzfeed fiasco, the liberal establishment media has managed to top themselves in pushing outright fake news in a massive coordinated media disinfo campaign.

Using a small clip out of a very long video segment the media has managed not only to make a “fake news” narrative go viral, but as a result has also managed to endanger the lives of a group of teenagers.

Washington Post headline: ‘It was getting ugly’: Native American drummer speaks on the MAGA-hat wearing teens who surrounded him.

New York Times: Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mob Native Elder at Indigenous Peoples March

NPR: Video Of Kentucky Students Mocking Native American Man Draws Outcry

CBS Baltimore: Teens In Make America Great Again Hats Taunted A Native American Elder At The Lincoln Memorial

USA Today: Ky. high school faces backlash after video shows students surrounding indigenous marchers

Indian Country Today: Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder

There are dozens and dozens more examples showing the same narrative, but the problem is there are also many more clips which show conclusively, the  Catholic high school students did not “surround”  Nathan Phillips, the elderly Native American man, but rather the man and his group approached the teens. The teens also did not mock the group. In fact it was Phillips that got into a teenager’s face with his drum, beating it just inches from the kid.

Below videographer Anthony Brian Logan compiled a number of clips, showing the original viral clip the media used to coordinate their disinformation campaign, along with the video clip of Phillips approaching the teens, as well as another showing a different angle of the other teens that were not mocking the old man, but actually joined in with his chant, laughing and having fun.

There is no way that every single establishment media outlet and source missed the other videos before publishing the exact same narrative, they simply cannot be that incompetent. We already know that more than 400 journolists belong to a group where they “discuss” aka collude on narratives and stories.

The only question is whether they decided to make the fake news go viral simply because the kids were MAGA supporters which triggered the snowflake media, or if they did it to distract from the fake news huge fiasco they all participated in on Friday before Robert Mueller debunked a Buzzfeed story that the media all jumped on.

Another very interesting little tidbit is the Native American man, Nathan Phillips, made the same type of accusations back in 2015, claiming that he was racially harassed by a group of Eastern Michigan University students.

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Now, based on the MSM’s coordinated disinfo campaign about the MAGA hat kids and Mr. Phillips, chairman of the House Budget Committee, Kentucky Democrat John Yarmuth is calling for a ban of teenagers being allowed to wear MAGA hats.

Yes, a sitting congressman tweeted “I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on. They seem to be poisoning young minds. [1/2] –  The conduct we saw in this video is beyond appalling, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum. This is a direct result of the racist hatred displayed daily by the President of the United States who, sadly, some mistake for a role model. [2/2].

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