Conservative Generation Z Is Breaking The Trend Toward The Left (Video)

Conservative Generation Z Is Breaking The Trend Toward The Left Video – Tim Pool

Conservative Generation Z Is Breaking The Trend Toward The Left. New data from Pew shows that while Generations Z does hold many similar views to millennials they have reversed the trend in some areas that goes back several generations.

Typically as time goes on society skews liberal but for the first time in 5 generations we can see some areas have flipped toward conservatism and the right.

While the millennial generation may be very much so far left, feminist, and social justice activists, generation Z is moving the other direction in some areas and further left in others.

Its hard to know for now if Gen Z will end up overwhelmingly conservative as they age but that tends to be the trend. Typically groups become more conservative with age, if this is true than Gen Z is set to be even more right wing in the coming years

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