James Dines – Gold’s Super Major Upwave III Will Have Its Day

James Dines – Gold’s Super Major Upwave III Will Have Its Day from King World News

Here is a portion of an extremely important note on the gold and silver markets from legendary newsletter writer, Mr. James Dines:

Mass Psychology And Gold
January 18 (King World News) – 
James Dines:  “Gold investing is so entirely out of favor by investors worldwide that mainstream Security Analysts don’t even venture an opinion on them, which contrarily is bullish.  They were too busy buying high-tech giants, just before they declined.  We are not deterred by Mass Psychology because such pessimism starts to occur near the start of bull markets, according to the Dines Theory of Positive Negativism (DITPON)…

Super Major Upwave III In Gold
James Dines continues:  “For patient investors wishing to drink upstream from the herd, gold won’t double overnight, but there’s no bull markets as profitable as a monster gold bull market, and Super Major Upwave III will have its day.

Without a link to gold, or anything else of value, such as barrels of oil for example, there is no keel, or ropes tied to a dock keeping boats from banging into each other, and currency crashes will be a natural result, to worsen in coming years.  Especially if Mass Fear kicks in amidst national economic failures and there is  a sudden rush out of paper money.

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