Exposing Vaccine Contamination – More Results from Corvelva


Exposing Vaccine Contamination – More Results from Corvelva BY: SHERRI TENPENNY, DO – Vaxxter

TDC Note – The volume of vaccine articles being published have skyrocketed over the past 2-3 weeks. It seems as if the research has marinated long enough and is beginning to produce results. This is bad news for big pharma and unbelievably great news for the people. We are awakening to all aspects of the lie.


In December 2018, the Italian research company, Corvelva, released an explosive research paper. Vaxxter reported on their findings, exposing the ingredients in the vaccine Infanrix Hexa, the combination vaccine given to infants across Europe. Of course, the pro-vaccine machine immediately went into high gear, attacking and discrediting Corvelva’s testing methodologies. In response, Corvelva issued a technical report documenting their methods, declaring:

Protein detection is carried out using a standard approach using trypsin enzyme, a technique that has been internationally recognized for over 10 years. The peptides are then separated using chromatography and analyzed by mass spectrometry.

With this technology, there should be little doubt about the accuracy of their findings which concluded that Infanrix Hexa:

  1. Has a molecular profile that is generally complex and largely unknown.
  2. Contains protein contaminations with variable compositions that are not declared on the leaflet [package insert].
  3. The entire Infanrix Hexa analysis can be found here in English.

Emboldened by these findings, researchers tested two more vaccines, Hexyon and Gardasil 9.

Hexyon – Hexacima

Hexyon is a six-in-one shot to vaccinate against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTaP), polio, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza b (Hib). It is called a six-in-one vaccine; however, 8 vaccine antigens are actually present because the polio vaccine has three antigens (three separate viruses). The vaccine, manufactured by a partnership between Sanofi Pasteur and MSD (Merck), was approvedfor use in 2013 in Western European Countries; simultaneously, it was approved for use in Eastern European countries under the brand name Hexacima. Here is the package insert.

Using the same methods used to analyze Infanrix Hexa, Hexyon was found to have 216 toxic chemicals and contaminants, of which 70% could not be identified. An additional 16 toxic residues were present and thought to be cross-contaminants from different vaccines, meaning, the machines were not thoroughly cleaned between production runs.

Researchers confirmed that all three of the DTaP toxoid antigens were present in Hexyon. However, they shockingly discovered that the antigens for hepatitis B, HiB and polioviruses 1, 2 and 3 were all missing. The entire analysis of Hexyon can be found here in English.

For those who trust that vaccines provide protection, how can Hexyon be “effective” when only 3 of the 8 stated antigens are present? Even more, how can Hexyon be called “safe” when it contains cross-contaminants and more than 150 compounds that cannot be identified in any chemical databases?

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