Sanctions Are Creating A Booming Russian Economy

Sanctions Are Creating A Booming Russian Economy by Rory – The Daily Coin

We have noted time and again the Russian economy has been growing since Obama first implemented and President Trump has been forced to keep in place, these silly economic sanctions. The economic sanctions have actually been the guiding force for the, now, booming Russian economy. When the Obama era sanctions placed a target on a particular segment of the Russian economy, instead of getting upset about the situation, President Putin ordered companies, and the expansion of the economy, to begin internally manufacturing, creating or otherwise look inward instead of outward to fill the need.

This has now created a vibrate economy that is climbing the ladder of global rankings in economic terms. We have already stated that Russia’s economy will be top notch within the next 3-5 years as the nation fully develops the largest organic and NON-GMO farming industry in the world. As we reported in November of 2018

We reported back in March 2018 on the changes in the farming industry in Russia and now we see the fruit of that change beginning to take root. At the time the largest news organization in Russia conducted a poll of young people attending a “farming expo”. They found the young people to not only be interested in farming but getting involved. We do not see this happening in the West. What we see is the Russian people becoming much healthier while the people in the West grow fatter, riddled with cancer and dying younger everyday.

If the young people are getting involved you have an opportunity for sustained prosperity and sustained growth. Key ingredients in creating a booming economy.

This shows long term growth in one of the most important industry in the world – food. We all have to eat and if you are tending the garden yourself, well, you ensure that food will be on the table. Might be an important ingredient in keeping people happy.

What about right now, what impact have these sanctions had on Russia in 2019? Well, according to an article published at ZeroHedge we see that Russia has just moved into 5th place, globally, on the economic ladder. WOW! Another reason for the “russia did it” narrative that is continuous, nonstop and growing louder on corporate media. We can’t have enemy that has a real economy and is outpacing one of the strongest U.S. allies.

The Russian economy is apparently more durable than many Western politicians imagined.

Despite years of international sanctions and low oil prices have dragged on Russia’s economy, which pushed the Russian economy into a recession during 2015, UK-based global bank Standard Chartered predicted in a report published this week that Russia will overtake Germany as the world’s fifth largest economy, possibly as early as next year, according to RT.

In a report outlining its projections for the global economy through 2030, StanChart projected that China would overtake the US a the world’s largest economy as explosive growth in Asia will eventually see some of the Continent’s largest economies unseat Western economies in the top rankings. By 2030, the bank expects seven of the world’s ten largest economies will be Asian economies. Source

If these banks are reporting on it today for next year, rest assured this has been building for more than a year and has the attention of these globalist weasels. This report is simply reviewing the tangible items in the basket. What about some of the intangibles that are very real?

We know that Russia just recently acquired $10billion worth of bitcoin. We also know that Russia has acquired more physical gold than any other nation in the world and seems to be getting more aggressive about her acquisitions. Russia has been steady for the past 5+ years at acquiring physical gold and has been one of very few nations to report month after month an increase their physical gold holdings. These two items are on top of what we discussed regarding their farming industry, and while the farming aspect was not taken into account in the ZeroHedge article, I would bet my last ounce of gold the analyst at Standard Chartered are fully aware of the implications.

All of the scenarios that Russia is working on and building out can not be reached by the Rothschild banking dynasty, which is the real reason for the “russia did it” narrative. The swindlers at the very top are out of the loop on this massive piece of wealth transfer. The people of Russia are not only growing a better future, they are growing a God centered future instead of a banking centered future.

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