State Labels All Semiautomatic Rifles As Assault Weapons

State Labels All Semiautomatic Rifles As Assault Weapons by: Off The Grid News

A new law in Washington State labels all semiautomatic rifles “assault weapons.” To elaborate, Initiative Measure 1639 (I-1639) declares any rifle that ejects cartridges to be an assault weapon, critics charge.

Gun controllers apparently label all semiautomatic rifles assault weapons to make them easier to ban. As a consequence, I-1639 could be a prelude to bans on all semiautomatic weapons in Washington as well as other states.

In fact, people under 21 years of age can no longer buy many hunting and target rifles because of I-1639, the National Rifle Association (NRA) asserts. Specifically, I-1639 defines any rifle that does not contain a bolt, manual, or slide action as a “semiautomatic assault weapon.”

As a result, I-1639 makes it illegal for people under 21 to purchase most hunting and target rifles, Reason alleges. Given these circumstances, I-1639 could lead to a future ban on all semiautomatic rifles.

How Washington State Calls All Semiautomatic Rifles Assault Weapons

I-1639 drastically rewrites statutes governing purchase, sale, and ownership of firearms in common use in the state of Washington,” NRA attorneys claim.

In particular, nearly 60% of Washington State voters passed I-1639 in the November 2018 midterm election. Notwithstanding, the NRA is charging that voters did not realize I-1639 covers all semiautomatic rifles.

Instead, voters thought they were making it illegal for people younger than 21 to purchase military rifles like the AR-15 or the AK-47. However, I-1639 supposedly covers all rifles that contain a semiautomatic mechanism.

For this reason, I-1639 could make it illegal for a 20-year-old in Washington State to buy a hunting rifle. Amazingly, the same 20-year-old can join the military and receive a free semiautomatic rifle at taxpayers’ expense.

In detail, I-1639 is a package of gun control measures that include enhanced background checks and a minimum age for rifle purchases. Additionally, I-1639 gives law enforcement the power to seize firearms from people charged with crimes. Also, I-1639 mandates “safe” storage of firearms and imposes a waiting period on semiautomatic rifle purchases.

Will Other States Declare All Semiautomatic Rifles To Be Assault Weapons?

Gun control advocates apparently believe that declaring all semiautomatic rifles as assault weapons makes it easier to ban and regulate firearms.

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