CDC Thomas Frieden Billions in Potential Scandals

CDC Thomas Frieden Billions in Potential Scandals by Corey Lynn – Corey’s Digs

Former CDC Director Thomas Frieden was recently arrested on August 24, 2018 for forcible touching, sexual abuse, and harassment. Is that what this has come down to? Arresting a man responsible for preventing a 19-year CDC veteran whistleblower from speaking up against vaccines, to exaggerating the swine flu and pushing vaccines, making mandatory and involuntary tracking of pregnant women’s ongoing diabetes results law, and assisting former President Barack Obama with his healthcare scheme, and yet, they nail him on “groping a woman”. Not that sexual abuse should be taken lightly, but it wreaks of cover-up. Meanwhile, billions of taxpayer dollars have been injected into these potential scandals.

Sexual scandals seem to be a theme lately for those who are involved in much higher levels of corruption. Thomas Frieden is not “one of the nations most respected medical experts”, as the MSM would have you believe. In fact, Frieden’s history with a long chain of corrupt politicians  and “philanthropists” is much bigger than most people realize. Thomas Frieden is a peg on the board, years in the making, being moved to where they need him, while always staying within the circle, and he’s still at it. Reviewing the nearly 30-year timeline, connections, and events below, one can draw their own conclusions as to what they believe the “bigger picture” is.


Thomas Frieden’s Career Timeline:

1990 – 1992: Frieden was an epidemic intelligence service officer for the Atlanta-based CDC, and was assigned to New York City.

1992 – 1996: Frieden was assistant commissioner of health and director of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and Bureau of Tuberculosis Control. While there, he secured city, state and federal funding for tuberculosis control. After controlling a tuberculosis epidemic and reducing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis by 80%, the city’s program became a “model” for tuberculosis control on a global scale.

1995 – 2001: Frieden worked as a technical advisor for the World Bank, health and population offices.

1996 – 2002: Frieden worked in India, as a medical officer for the World Health Organization on loan from the CDC. He helped the government of India implement the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program.

2002 – 2009: Frieden served as Commissioner of Health to the City of New York. He was also instrumental in the two-year test project of the electronic health record (EHR), a new system Obama was preparing to establish under the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act in 2009, just before appointing Frieden as CDC Director.

2004: As Commissioner, he proposed to eliminate separate written consent for HIV testing, which created controversy. Apparently he believed this would encourage physicians to offer HIV tests during routine medical care, which is what the CDC recommended. Advocates fought this legislation, believing it would undermine patients’ rights and become forced testing.

2006: As commissioner, he implemented the A1C test which involuntarily tests and tracks diabetes of pregnant women.

2009 – 2017: Former President Barack Obama appointed Thomas Frieden to CDC Director. He led the efforts on combatting the pandemic flu, Ebola, and Zika epidemics. In a statement, Obama called Frieden, “an expert in preparedness and response to health emergencies” who in seven years as the city health commissioner has “been at the forefront of the fight against heart disease, cancer and obesity, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS, and in the establishment of electronic health records.” He promptly resigned on January 20, 2017 when the Trump administration stepped in.

2017 – present: Frieden began leading the $225 million initiative called “Resolve” to save 100 million lives over the next 30 years by preventing heart attacks and strokes. The effort is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and housed in New York City by a non-governmental organization, Vital Strategies.


Let’s cut to the chase and point to the facts of seven big red flags that Frieden was instrumental in. There are far more than seven, but these particular red flags will illustrate the patterns well.



RED FLAG #1: Involuntary Tracking of Pregnant Women’s Diabetes Data

A1C Mandatory Diabetes Registry

In 2005, when Frieden was the Health Commissioner of New York City, he worked to raise awareness about diabetes in pregnant women. He established an involuntary, non-disclosed hemoglobin A1C diabetes registry to track patients’ blood sugar control over several months. The information is reported to treating physicians. This decision, passed by the New York City Board of Health, that required laboratories to report A1C test results, created huge debates where many saw it as a violation of medical privacy.

As Chicago-Kent College of Law reported: “Whose Business is Your Pancreas? Potential Privacy Problems in New York City’s Mandatory Diabetes Registery

This raises the question, what data was Frieden really after? It’s interesting this information gathering pertained to pregnant women, considering 10 years later they stated the Zika virus has the most impact on pregnant women’s babies, so much so, they created a “Zika pregnancy registry” as well, whereby they track the babies medical history until it’s second birthday. They actually have a short video of how this registry works on their site. Just what exactly are they tracking?

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