Andrew Maguire – Gold & Silver Vulnerable Short-Term, But Expect Price Dips To Be Very Shallow

Andrew Maguire – Gold & Silver Vulnerable Short-Term, But Expect Price Dips To Be Very Shallow from King World News

Today London whistleblower and metals trader Andrew Maguire told King World News that gold and silver are vulnerable to a short-term pullback, but expect the price dips to be very shallow.

Gold & Silver COT Report
January 11 (King World News) – 
Andrew Maguire:  During the US federal government shutdown the Commitments of Traders report (COT), will not be published.  No report has been issued by the CFTC since the week of December 18.  Do we already know what the month old delayed report will reveal if it was published?  100%, yes…

Does it matter that the report will reveal controlling COT insiders going 1/1 short and once again building up a net short position against the specs?  Only insomuch as it would trigger a predictably weak response from battle weary synthetic traders to place some close by long stops for the CME casino to harvest.  However, given that the current rise in gold and silver is being driven by safe haven PHYSICAL buying, any such stop hunting gaming will also trigger additional, very strong physical buying and simply offer up another opportunity for wholesalers with large order books to capitalize on any such dip.

Gold & Silver Vulnerable Short-Term, But Price Dips Will Be Shallow
The COT report only offers up the data the insiders want scripted.  The data is rendered largely useless without weighing in the increasingly physically driven side of the transactional ledger.  
So where are we, really?  Given that the Commercial Opex footprints are evidencing resistances lightening up across the entire curve, we can assess that any dips from hereon will be very shallow.

From a technical perspective, the increasingly bullish Opex pricing structure has been heavily influenced by some very powerful upside technical chart damage, evidencing the market making banks exposed to the physical market delta hedging, and repositioning these historically rolled Opex resistances to higher levels.  From a fundamental supply/demand perspective and based upon known strong global physical demand and tightening supply, and this acting as the driver that is raising the offer price to sell gold and silver stock out of inventory, we are absolutely sure the same insider banks are simultaneously accruing physical gold and silver for their own books to capitalize upon an upcoming price rise and support reset.

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