5 All-Natural Brain-Boosting Foods You Really Need

5 All-Natural Brain-Boosting Foods You Really Need by: Susan Patterson – Off the Grid News

“You are what you eat” can very well apply to brain power, too, according to the latest research. But how do specific foods boost our memory?

Let’s look into a few foods touted as memory boosters to understand exactly how they work:

1. Whole grains

Our brains are singularly greedy for glucose and insist on using only glucose for their function. Since brain tissue does not store energy within its cells, the brain needs to be supplied with glucose through the blood. And since it doesn’t really rest even when we are asleep, it is in constant need. And what better way to meet this requirement with a steady flow from the complex carbohydrates in the whole grains? Refined flours and sugars, on the other hand, cause highs and lows that are not exactly great for your brain health.

2. Berries

Berries are delicious and versatile brain boosters that you can have either cooked or raw in a variety of ways. Colorful berries are full of plant pigments such as anthocyanins. Consumption of food rich in these flavonoids is known to result in an increase of the antioxidative property of the blood. The brain, constantly at work, requires antioxidant protection.

According to a Harvard study, regularly consuming strawberries and blueberries delayed cognitive decline and memory loss by 2 ½ years in older women.

3. Vegetables

Beetroot’s blood pressure lowering effect is well known. But this vegetable, although not exactly flavorful, can be an excellent memory booster, too. When older people were given a daily drink of beet juice, blood flow to the brain increased, particularly in the brain area involved in age-related memory loss.

Are there other vegetables? Yes. Try Broccoli and kale.

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