How The Fed Skimmed $38.5 Billion Dollars From Your Pocket! (Video)

How The Fed Skimmed $38.5 Billion Dollars From Your Pocket! Video – Silver Report

Economic collapse news. In the Feds recent preliminary results for 2018 we see the lowest remittances since 2009. The reason wasn’t lack of income.

It’s much more nefarious How the fed skimmed 38.5 billion dollars from our pockets. It is unbelievable the amount in interest the Fed pays the banks on their Excess Reserves and Required Reserves. Where it gets tricky is when it comes out of the taxpayer’s pocket and its transferred to the banks to become bank profits, and thereby bank executive bonuses and stock holder dividends, funded by the dear taxpayers. And this amount was huge in 2018 $38.5 billion dollars.

Not to mention these banks that are benefiting make up the bulk of shareholders of the fed. So they pay themselves 2 ways one above the table and the second siphoning their cut off the top. This video explains in detail this corruption and why it matters.

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