Antifa ‘No-Go Zones’ Just The Latest Attempt By These Thugs To Become ‘ISIS Terrorists Of America’ – They Look Like Them, Act Like Them, And Use The Same Playbook

Antifa ‘No-Go Zones’ Just The Latest Attempt By These Thugs To Become ‘ISIS Terrorists Of America’ – They Look Like Them, Act Like Them, And Use The Same Playbook By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Antifa groups not only are similar to ISIS terrorists in appearance, wearing black and cowardly covering their faces while conducting terror activities, but they are also eerily similar in the manner they go after those they have decided are the “enemy,” as evidenced by their latest stunt of doxxing (revealing home addresses) the entire staff, including the advertising staff, of The Daily Caller.

The note associated with the post which revealed the home addresses of the Daily Caller staff, stated “Tucker Carlson is a scum bag. We are targetting[sic] the Daily Caller because of its promotion of white supremacist hate speech targetted at POC, immigrants, and the Left, as well as its own history of doxxing. Founded by the notorious white supremacist Tucker Carlson, the Daily Caller promoted Jason Kessler’s Unite the Right demontrationp[sic] in Charlottesville, VA, which infamously culminated with the death of Heather Heyer, as well scarring thousands of onlookers. The Daily Caller staff are all complicit in promoting racist propaganda. We know where you sleep at night. We know you’re all a bunch of shit head rich kids with no moral fiber. We want you out of politics and out of the way.” (Copied with spelling errors included, with [sic] added in)

The very detailed dox includes personal information including home addresses and phone numbers for Editor in Chief Geoff Ingersoll, Editorial Director Vince Coglianese, Executive Editor Paul Conner, Ginni Thomas, Audrey Conklin, Derek Draplin, Virginia Kruta, Eric Lieberman, Eric Owens, Mike Piccione, David Sivak, Amber Athey, Saagar Enjeti, David Hookstead, Derek Hunter, Heather Hunter, Richie McGinniss, Guillaume Pierre-Louis, Stephanie Hamill, Benny Johnson, BetsyRothstein, Jena Greene, Mike Brest, Will Ricciardella, John Wellington, Andrew Kerr, Brian Danza, Margaret Crilley, Neil Stevens, Patrick Kuo, Chad Ryan Brady, Krista Staley, Jack Kocsis, Ford Springer, and many more.

Previously Antifa groups had done the same to Tucker Carlson, his brother and other conservative pundits. That resulted in unhinged liberals terrorizing Carlson’s wife while she was at home alone, back in November 2018.

Prior to that Antifa had done the same to 37 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees and their families, as detailed by Far Left Watch in October 2018. As that article highlighted, not only did Twitter allow ICE employees to be doxxed, but despite the post that did so being flagged and reported multiple times, it was still live, Twitter refused to remove it.

Via Far Left Watch in October:

One of the best examples of this double standard is Twitter’s inaction regarding the violent Seattle Antifa cell, Greater Seattle GDC. On June 21st of this year, this Anitfa cell used their Twitter account to distribute a blog post from the Puget Sound Anarchists that included the names and home addresses of 37 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and even included the personal contact information for their spouses. This violates multiple Twitter Terms of Service and this has been brought to Twitter’s attention on numerous occasions throughout the last two months. Despite being reported multiple times, the account is still active and the tweet that targets and endangers ICE agents and their families is still live.

The website then goes on to document the many times they personally reported the account to Twitter, who did nothing.

Checking now, in January 2019, we find the post is still up on Twitter.

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