1/2 MOA for $700: Ranting Defense of Mossberg MVP .308 (Video)

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1/2 MOA for $700: Ranting Defense of Mossberg MVP .308 Video – NutNFancy

Contrary to what some reviewers on the internet say, the Mossberg MVP .308 performs beyond its price point. Using such a “review” as a springboard I’ll refute this reviewer’s claims of low quality, bad features, bad accuracy, and “entry level” features. Indeed we shot this $700 MVP .308 extensively in desert and mountain environments in preparation for this review. This will pair with my previous review of the Mossberg MVP .223 https://youtu.be/Tgn7luW0JnE which takes AR15 magazines (this one takes SR25/M1A mags!).

Dial into the video see the results as I once again combat still prevalent, foolish tactical elitism which impugnes high value products that perform well.

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