They Can Silence Conservative Opinion Instantly But…

They Can Silence Conservative Opinion Instantly But…Pedophiles And Child Porn A Rampant Problem For Big Tech – This Shows What Their Priorities Are By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

As yet another conservative Independent media pundit gets suspended from Facebook for speaking the truth, we also note a number of other censorship issues being reported on by MRC’s Censorship Project at Newbusters, along with the very disturbing news that Twitter delays the banning of open pedophiles from their platform and Google and Facebook fed advertising dollars to child porn discovery applications as reported by TechCrunch.

We’ll start with Mark Dice, Independent pundit that publishes video content, who just announced that he had been suspended from Facebook for seven days, because of “hate” speech after he posted the statement “Black men murder children every day in the ghettos of America. The only reason the story about the dead seven year old girl went viral is because people thought the killer was white. He wasn’t. Sad story from every angle.”

That story went viral, in part, because people like liberal activist Shaun King, who apparently wants people to think he is black (He isn’t!), decided to  accuse the wrong person of the crime and posted an image of the wrong person in a now-deleted post to his one million followers, calling the innocent man a “violent, racist a**hole.”

That family is now receiving violent death threats.

Dice explains more in his video about his suspension, while pointing out that we can look forward to much more aggressive censorship by big tech and social media in 2019.

In another example of silencing opinions liberals do not agree with,  highlighted by the Censorship Project, it appears that a video game project is in jeopardy because some social justice warrior, liberal activists, found tweets from the games creator that criticized radical feminism back in 2014.

This video game project The Last Night stole the show when its promo was revealed at video game industry conference E3 2017. The entire project is now in jeopardy after co-creator Tim Soret’s 2014 tweets against radical feminism were discovered and Liberal investors withdrew their support.

The tweets in question were nothing controversial, with statements like “I’m against feminism. . . I am for egalitarianism. I don’t care, boy, girl, alien,” or that he does not “buy the patriarchy stuff. Maybe it applies in the USA, but I live in Paris.” He also described his game’s world as one which can “show the danger of extreme progressivism” in a “cyberpunk world where modern feminism won instead of egalitarianism.”

Moving along to Twitter, Infowars has an outstanding and lengthy piece detailing active pedophiles on Twitter, the same platform that blocks, bans, suspends and terminates conservatives on a daily basis. Screen shots reveal several accounts that apparently believe if a child “enjoys” it, then sexual acts with children are ok.


Infowars has dozens of screen shots from multiple people, and explains how hard it was to get some of these accounts finally removed, just to pop right back up with another account, comparing that to how fast Twitter bans conservative accounts, fixing it so those people cannot even create backup accounts without facing an autoban.

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