Report: Rod Rosenstein to Leave DOJ Once New Attorney General is Confirmed

Report: Rod Rosenstein to Leave DOJ Once New Attorney General is Confirmed by Team Bongino

TDC Note – Will Rosenstein be charged with any crimes OR is he allowed to ESCAPE prosecution by “quitting his job”? If that’s the case, and that is exactly why I see this happening, this just becomes another example of our #two_tiered_justice system.

I would love to be able to “quit my job” and avoid charges of treason, felonies and other high crimes, but I can’t. If I were to be investigated, as Rosenstein should be, and found that I had in fact committed these types of crimes not only would I not be able to walk away by quitting my job, I would have the full force of the law hurled at me. Why the double standard?


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to step down from the Department of Justice once the new attorney general is confirmed.

Fox News reports that Rosenstein wants to ensure that incoming attorney general nominee Bill Barr smoothly transitions into the job.

Officials close to Rosenstein told Fox that the deputy attorney general has long thought of his position at the DOJ as a two-year job and his departure would align with his two-year deadline.

A disturbing New York Times report in September 2018 revealed that Rosenstein wanted to secretly record President Trump to “expose the chaos consuming the administration.” He also, allegedly, discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office.

While Baker himself was not in the room with Rosenstein when he made the comments, two of his associates were: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and FBI lawyer, Lisa Page. Both McCabe and Page allegedly took Rosenstein seriously and conveyed that to Baker

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