Alien Disclosure Steve Quayle / Common Sense Show (Video)

Alien Disclosure Steve Quayle / Common Sense Show Video – Dave Hodges

TDC Note – Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges discuss the latest info on off world activities. “The truth is out there.”

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toiletfarm –
If you’re watching this, you’re already perceived to be crazy, so I’ll give my crazy thoughts. I believe if you are able to travel through portals, you’ll travel outside of the dimension in which we live, protected by the Holy Spirit.

If this is true, why would anyone want to travel outside of the protection of the Holy Spirit? Why take the risk? To me, the separation from God in any regard is death, wherever we may go once that occurs, or as we live our lives without a relationship with Jesus. I believe the Holy Spirit protects us from gods, aliens, whatever you want to call them, both physically and visually. Norse, Chinese, Egyptian gods are all the same, yet we don’t see them anymore like in the past, being my thesis.

I don’t agree or disagree with Dave, Steve, or anyone I hear talk about things on this topic, both for or against the topic in this video. It’s too convoluted and we simply can’t know. I believe God puts limitations on our temporal bodies to reveal Himself to us in various ways. It’s a fun time to be alive.

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