Q Nonsense – Are Military Tribunals Underway? (Video)

Q Nonsense – Are Military Tribunals Underway? Video – Bill Still

TDC Note – “trust the plan” – “December 5th D-Day” – “October will be filled with arrest” hahahaha

What’s sad is when you have to develop new words at an attempt to sway people “into the light” – you know, LARP! hahahaha Who out there had ever heard of a LARP before Q? Who out there still doesn’t know what a LARP is? Are you a LARP? Is Bill Still a LARP?


I’m sick of this “Q” nonsense!

“Military Tribunals are about to get underway. Tens of thousands of sealed indictments.”

What is the average person supposed to believe?

Now, I must admit, I’m no “Q” expert. I’m only one guy, plus a good wife. There are only so many issues we can keep track of to render reasonable opinions to you, our audience.

I sensed from the beginning that “Q” was some sort of fake. However, my wife, Beth, is the Twitter person and so she gets exposed to the rumblings from the “Q” volcano of secret knowledge whether she likes it or not. So, I’ve pretty much left “Q” tracking to her.

Beth and I agree on this: Q is a deep-state disinformation operation – and not a particularly elaborate one at that. What has been the basic “Q” agenda in the past. Don’t worry, the good guys are preparing a massive trap for the deep state and any day now, their mighty jaws are going to snap shut and throw all the bums in the slammer.

Has any of this happened? We were told that Jeff Sessions was about to do his job as Attorney General any day now. But Sessions did absolutely nothing in regards to sweeping away the Trump/Russia cloud which was deliberately created by the same disinformation operations group to hide the real Russia collusion crime of the century – the Uranium One deal.

No, Sessions was cowed by this group – and I don’t pretend to know how – into dealing with anything but any matter touching on the Clintons or the group of FBI and Justice Department conspirators who have now fled or been fired from government service.

Have any of those folks been subject to the abuses of the Mueller probe? No, not one. Instead, we have been treated to a chorus of Mueller conveniently losing emails, only to have DOJ IG or Judicial Watch find them again. Have any of that 7-floor group been indicted? With the possible exception of McCabe, No!

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