Stand Your Ground Laws in Various States

Stand Your Ground Laws in Various States by Charles Yor The Survivalist Blog

Anyone even tangentially interested in guns, gun control and self-defense has likely heard much fevered discussion and clutching of pearls over the “Stand Your Ground Law” that seems to be sweeping the nation.

Gun advocates cheer for it, and cite it as the chief defense of citizens’ use of force in response to an attack. Detractors label them “shoot first laws” and a hearkening back to the dim and brutal days of the taming of the West, when the muddy thoroughfares were bogged with the blood of cowboys, lawmen and bandits.

As I have written of before, matters of lethal force are no time for educated guesses and wild-hair theories. Failing to meet the strict law of the land will result in terrible consequences. As I have preached again and again, knowledge of the law, and incorporating it into your defense training and decision making processes is essential for success as an armed citizen.

Lots of opinion. Lots of talk. But what is the Stand Your Ground law, really? How does it codify a person’s right to defend themselves, and to what extent? What are the limitations and drawbacks, if any, of such laws? Any good armed citizen wants the answers to those questions and more, so in the following paragraphs we’ll be examining the concept of Stand Your Ground in great detail.

What is the Stand Your Ground Law Exactly?

Let’s get this spoiler out of the way: there is no Stand Your Ground Law. At least, not a sweeping, boilerplate piece of legislation that is being adopted wholesale, state by state, to the chagrin of anti-gunners and the celebration of Pro-2A types. No, Stand Your Ground, or SYG, is really a concept for a bunch of legislation, law and sometimes procedural legal opinion that is often very similar in effect from one jurisdiction to another.

There is no federal SYG law, and in many states the so-called Stand Your Ground laws aren’t even called as such. But in other states, they may contain specifically that language or reference. Understand that when you see SYG, it is simply shorthand for describing a given state’s laws that adhere to the concept.

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