Lindsey Graham Floats Deal: Trump Would Trade 700K Work Permits for $5 Billion for Wall, ‘Border Security

Lindsey Graham Floats Deal: Trump Would Trade 700K Work Permits for $5 Billion for Wall, ‘Border Security by Joel B Pollack – Breitbart

TDC Note – Shewwwww….I was getting worried that traitorous Lindsey Graham had actually become human. It seems he, like Popeye – “I yam what I yam.” Graham is a traitor and hates America as much as the other globalist in congress.


Sen. Linsdey Graham (R-SC) met with President Donald Trump over lunch on Sunday and suggested a new deal in which the president would renew 700,000 work permits in exchange for $5 billion towards border security.

The premise upon which Graham’s deal is based is that Trump would win the court case currently working its way through the system about the legality of the administration’s decision to cancel President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Trump’s decision was blocked by a California court, whose ruling is still awaiting an appeal decision before the Ninth Circuit.

There would be no deal in which Trump offered legal status to all DACA-eligible illegal aliens — those brought to the U.S. as minors, even if they did not apply for DACA status — according to Graham. The veteran South Carolina Senator, a long-time advocate for immigration reform, said that even he would not provide DACA for $5 billion, because Democrats had refused to provide Trump with the full $25 billion requested for a border wall in return for legalization of all DACA-eligible illegal aliens earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Graham said, Democrats might pass a new budget resolution in the House when they formally take the majority on Thursday, to re-open those parts of the government that had been shut down, but Trump would not sign it without at least $5 billion for border security. He suggested that the Senate would therefore never even consider that option.

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