Increase In Violent Crime Among The Dangers Ahead In 2019

Increase In Violent Crime Among The Dangers Ahead In 2019 by: Rich M – Off the Grid News

The old year has ended, and the new is beginning. For some this is a time of retrospection, looking back on the year they just lived through. For others, it’s a time of looking forward, making plans for getting through the new year. But for those of us who are preppers, it’s time to take out the crystal balls we don’t have and try to figure out what the new year is going to bring.

I don’t know about you, but God never issued me one of those crystal balls. Instead, I have to try and figure things out for myself, except in those cases where He chooses to show me. That’s why my prepping is so broad-based. I can’t just prepare for one or two disasters; like you, I have to prepare for everything that’s likely to come my way.

One of the ways I do that is to take a look at the world situation at the beginning of the year and try to decipher what’s likely to be coming down the pike. While my track record isn’t perfect in guessing what’s coming, I do have a perfect record in getting ready. So I guess I’m doing all right.

“Trump Take-Down” Attempts

One of the defining moments of 2018 was the November elections in which the Democrat Party regained control of the House of Representatives. Considering that they’ve been plotting President Trump’s downfall for the last two years, it’s really no surprise that they are already working on how they can use their newfound power to cause him harm.

There’s just one thing… they don’t have the power they think they have. While Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are busy posturing before the television cameras about their “legislative plan.” The truth is, they can’t pass a single bill into law without the cooperation of the Senate and the president. Since the things they are talking about doing are reversing what the president has accomplished … the chances of that happening are exactly zero.

Are They Secretly Pushing Mob Rule?

But the political left has never depended on passing their agenda legislatively; theirs is the politics of mob rule. That’s why they keep pushing the false narrative that we are a democracy, rather than a constitutional republic. These folks seem to want mob rule, as the major population centers are mostly Democrat.

The other part of mob rule is to use violence when they don’t get their way. We’ve actually been seeing a reduction of this in the last few months, but you can be sure that it will increase once again when Pelosi and Schumer discover how little power they have. The collective rage from the left will spill out on the streets.

If your EDC doesn’t already include a means of defending yourself, it should. Get your concealed carry permit and the necessary training so that you can defend yourself. This is already an essential in areas where there are ANTIFA strongholds. It will become more of a necessity as the left screams out in their combined temper tantrum.

The Threat of EMP Coming Back

Many have relaxed about the risk of EMP, because of North Korea coming to the bargaining table. Yet, as anyone who is watching can see, those talks are going nowhere. Shutting down a few border points and reducing their manning levels is nothing when compared to the real substantive issue of denuclearizing North Korea. They have merely taken a symbolic action to make themselves look good.  Really it’s just cover up the fact that they aren’t following through as promised.

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